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Petaluma Adobe Courtyard

The first view of the great valley filled me with emotion. It was a case of love at first site, which better acquaintance would only deepen...nowhere, was there a scene of such beauty and suggestion of everything desirable for man.
~Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo

A visit to the Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park will bring you back to the largest privately owned adobe building in Northern California in the 1830-40's. The matanza (slaughtering season) has just ended in October on Rancho de Petaluma (as it was known) and the people living near the rancho are excited. The end of the matanza means the beginning of the Fandango (a celebration and dance). As you tour the rooms of the Adobe, you can feel the excitement as preparation for the Fandango is under way. The hides are drying on the racks, the animals are put away, and the music is playing as people start to put on their fancy clothes for the festivities.

Many of the hacendados lived in the towns in the winter months; but in the spring of the year their households moved to their country homes where they generally remained until the autumn or close of the matanza season...in the evening a family baile (dance) was invariably heralded by the melody of the violin and harp.
~William Heath Davis

Although the Petaluma Adobe was not the summer home of the Vallejo's, it was the headquarters of the rancho, they did come out here to celebrate during the bailes. The Fandangos became the parties of the workers and the bailes became more formal for the rancho owners. To learn more...Visit Us!

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